April 2024

An EV produces zero tailpipe emissions.

Raman Bhatia, Founder and Managing Director, Servotech Power Systems, delves into the potential of electric vehicles in industrial transportation, their environmental impact and the challenges and opportunities

April 2024

Will India Meet Revised Solar Rooftop Deadline by 2026?

India missed the 100 GW solar power generation 2022 target as it only touched 63.3 GW, now experts are not sure if the new deadline of March 2026 for rooftop solar energy will be met despite a recent incentives and policy measures.

March 2024

Servotech to tap the EV market with future-ready high-power DC Charger

In anticipation of future developments such as introducing e-buses and trucks, Servotech offers DC EV Charger with power capacities of 240 kW and 360kW.

March 2024

Enlightening the Future of India with Sustainable Solar Solutions

Servotech ensures that its Solar Panel Solutions meet high performance and reliability standards while minimising environmental impact.

January 2024

India’s EV Revolution: Surging Growth, Government Initiatives, and Industry Expectations for the 2024–25 Budget

The electric vehicle (EV) industry is growing fast all over the world, and it’s also getting very popular in India. People in the industry are excited about this growth.

January 2024

Budget 2024 expectations: Auto Inc share their wishlist

February 1, 2024 will be the day when the Union Government of India will announce the interim budget. This will be the last budget passed by the central...

January 2024

Servotech is experiencing rapid growth, particularly in the technological domain. While the developments might not be immediately reflected on the revenue front, there’s significant progress on the technology front.

December 2023

With electric vehicles (EVs) leading the green revolution, providing a cleaner and more sustainable transportation option, the supply chain of cement is getting redefined.

November 2023

How Innovations in EV Charging Solutions are Shaping the Future of E-Mobility Revolution, Opinion article by Mr. Raman Bhatia, Founder & MD, Servotech

November 2023

Interview - Solar Energy is Clean, renewable and emission-free, Mr. Raman Bhatia, Founder & MD, Servotech Power Systems

November 2023

Read About the Evolving World of EV Charging and Its Role in Transforming the Way We Shape Our Energy Future.

September 2023

Have a look at my viewpoint on The Indian EV Battery Landscape

August 2023

Servotech has signed mou with goup for ev charger manufacturing unit

August 2023

Raman Bhatia Lighting Up the Future with Servotech Power Systems

August 2023

Interoperability Across Different Charging Networks, Opinion article by Mr. Raman Bhatia, MD, Servotech

June 2023

RE Projects With No PPAs, Made For Power Exchanges- CFD could Make It Possible, opinion by Mr. Raman Bhatia, MD, Servotech Power Systems Ltd.

May 2023

Servotech Driving India's Electric Vehicle Charging Market: Growth Potential and Strategic Initiatives

April 2023

Gauging the Role of Low Carbon Solutions in Indian Cement Industry, opinion article by Mr. Raman Bhatia, MD, Servotech Power Systems Ltd.

January 2023

Solar in 2023

December 2022

Battery energy storage in 2022

November 2022

Indigenizing Solar Manufacturing: Charting the Course to a Solar Self-Sufficient India

September 2022

Agro-PV: Gauging India’s Agrivoltaics Potential

September 2022

Experts Throw Light on Challenges but Confident That Solar Energy Industry Stands to Shine

August 2022

The EV GST Slash: How the Tax-Cut will Boost India’s EV Leap Forward

July 2022

Perovskite: The disruptive element